Drug Trials

Drug Trials Drug Trials Drug Trials Drug Trials Drug Trials Drug Trials

Drug Trials

Drug trials are hard to run. For certain drugs it’s just nigh on impossible to get enough volunteers that are willing to risk the side effects. That’s why, at Veritas, we’ve streamlined the whole procedure by removing the need for volunteers.

We have access to the worlds largest network of test-subjects thanks to our Free Clinic initiative, on top of that thanks to our connections in the food and drinks industry, plus water supply companies, cigarette manufacturers, and cosmetics, there basically isn’t a demographic, or individual person, that we can’t reach.

Our system is robust, efficient, affordable, and, possibly most importantly, deniable. You wouldn’t believe what stories our PR department can drum up to move the blame to someone else or simply distract the populace. They’ve even managed to utilise basic fear-mongering tactics to actually drive test-subjects to our medicines for fear of a disease that we simply made up, or actually created in the first place.

“A pandemic is a fine thing.” – Dr. Walter Kane

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