Using Science To Do The Unthinkable

Founded in 1834, Veritas is a leading bio-research and medicines company that is heavily invested in the future.

Since its conception, John and Walter have pushed boundaries in every area of science imaginable. There is no line they won’t cross in their relentless pursuit of knowledge.

When a young physics student came up to Walter to ask him why he should continue his studies, since all important things had now been discovered, Walter just scoffed indignantly at him and walked out of the class, only to return a mere 15 minutes later to prove him wrong with something he had just freshly discovered “out of spite”.

John Adams

Managing Director / Co-Founder

A medical doctor in all but licence, John is a master of combining iffy ethics with advanced tech.

Dr. Walter Kane

Bio Research / Co-Founder

Founded Veritas with John Adams. Was voted 'Most Likely to Create Nefarious Conglomerate' at uni.

Ada Hopper

New Tech & Cyber Augmentation

Ada manages all projects relating to new and emerging technologies as well as cyber-augmentation research.

Dr. Harold Freeman

Director of Medical Research

A former doctor at Hawthorn Labs, Dr. Freeman now heads up our medical research department.

Herman Holmes

Head Architect

Having started out as a Hotel designer, Herman now designs all our complexes across the globe.

Mary Walker

Director of Synergies

Worried your competition is getting a little too big? It's time for some "synergy" and "restructuring".

Niklaus Rossum

Head of Robotics & AI

After losing his mother in a tragic robot related accident, Niklaus has dedicated his life to robotics and AI.

Stephen Halls

Public Relations

If, well, when, something goes wrong with one of our projects, Stephen makes it go away.

David Ellison

Head of Sales

Using persuasion, and some help from our pharmaceutical division, David can get anyone to buy anything.

Hunter Woodward

New Media

When we need some news created to distract the general public, Hunter gets it done.

Angela Woodhull

Head of Political Adjustments

When we need to get a certain legislation passed Angela makes sure the correct people are in power.

The Company Promise

Veritas was founded on the idea that science can be used to do unthinkable things, and we want to be a part of that. We want to improve the lives of our shareholders, one innovation at a time.

Client Testimonials

I hired Veritas Industries while undertaking a large scale underground construction project and I couldn't be happier with the work undertaken by Mr. Holmes.

Jason Bethlam

Doctor & Hobbyist

I rented some research space in one of Veritas' many "undisclosed locations" so I could run some experiments and was impressed with the buffet they supplied my subjects.

Shane Barrow

Amateur Mad Scientist

I visited one of Veritas' free clinics as I was suffering from a sprained ankle, or so they tell me. I can't remember anything but at least my ankles not hurting anymore.

Marsha Gioia


I've been accepted into their latest study, I'm not entirely sure what it is but they say I'll get free food, gym access, and a settlement package should I complete it so I guess the company must be ok.

William Greenberg


My husbands company works with Veritas which allows me to get the drugs I need for my condition, so far they seem to be helping. I hope they don't give me any side effects.

Alice Bethlam

Former Nurse

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