Introducing Veritice

Introducing Veritice

Introducing Veritice

Veritas Industries are very excited to announce the future availability of our new, patent-pending, everlasting Veritice ice-cream!

After an ice-cream related accident in the offices led to the discovery of new techniques required for long-term reversible cryopreservation we thought, what else could be done with this great power? Our first thought, frozen fire, didn’t prove commercially viable ( was fun though ) but our second thought was a lot more viable – everlasting ice-cream that won’t melt.

An artists rendering of Veritice molecules. They might look this, who knows?

We won’t bore you with the sciencey stuff but essentially the process is quite simple, first we take water and mix in some interesting*, top-secret, and totally food safe ( we hope ) chemicals into it then freeze it.

Our first flavour, Vanilla Ice, will be in the shops very soon, but if you want to get a sneaky taste of it then consider signing up for Insomnium trials where you’ll have access to complimentary buffets provided by Hogs & Kisses Catering and Veritice Desserts.

* contains one or more of the following: Kerosene, Propylene Glycol, Artificial Sweeteners, Sulphuric Acid, Rum, Acetone, Battery Acid, red dye #2, Scumm, Axle grease and/or pepperoni. May also contain nuts, Alex was eating some pistachios near the mixture and he’s a bit clumsy.

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