Welcome to the new digs!

Welcome to the new digs!

Welcome to the new digs!

As some of our clients will know all too well one of our projects recently hit a snag, and by snag I of course mean massive chemical fire caused by the accidental mixing of things that probably, in hindsight, shouldn’t have been mixed.

Our previous facility undergoing some minor fire-related restructuring.

In a good-news bad-news type situation though this meant we got to build a new headquarters, and this time we’ve made sure we have proper fire-safety rules like making sure the employee in charge of labelling things, who shall remain nameless, actually knows what “inflammable” means. ( Editor’s note: it was Dave wasn’t it? )

Our new location includes all the latest advancements in cubicle design, water-cooler placement, and access control, plus we’ve been able to include an amazing facility to be used for the final stage of trials for our top-secret project, codenamed Insomnium.

Foolishly, our web servers were also in our old location and due to a totally unforeseeable miscommunication our backups were also incinerated so we’ve had to start from scratch, which is why we’re a bit barebones around here right now. ( Editors note: make sure when asking for the location for the off-site backup it’s an actual location and not just Jane’s auto-responder – “away from keyboard” )

On balance I’d say that’s mostly positive news, not only do we have a new office but we’ve also cleared a surprisingly large area of land ( chemical fires really spread! ) that we will now be able to use for another project down the line.

p.s. we also decided that a clean slate would be good all around so we’ve wiped our Twitter feed, please consider following if you’re not already!

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