News Creation

News Creation News Creation News Creation News Creation News Creation News Creation News Creation

News Creation

When your company does something that society says it shouldn’t you have two options, own up and fix your mistake or distract the general public with a shiny thing. At Veritas, we always think it’s best to do the latter. We believe this so much that we even made a department specifically for it.

With our silent ownership of some of the world’s most influential newspaper, websites, news channels, and radio stations, combined with our organised-crime inspired tactics you can feel safe in the knowledge that if you want the public to know something, or not know something, we’ll get it done.

That article you read last week about the rage-infected squirrels? Not true. It was actually hamsters, but the unnamed pet shop didn’t want the world to know what they were doing, or lower the value of their hamster inventories, so we switched the blame to squirrels. All those articles about global warming being faked? Yup, us too.

You wouldn’t believe it, but a bite from this cutie could cause some severe reactions in approximately 28 days.

We also work in tandem with our Political Adjustment bureau to make sure correct skeletons are either in, or out, of the closet, regardless of whether they’re real or not.

Founded in 1834, Veritas is a leading bio-research and medicines company that is heavily invested in the future.

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