Cryostasis Cryostasis Cryostasis Cryostasis Cryostasis


Who wouldn’t want to live forever? After an ice-cream related accident in the offices led to the discovery of new techniques required for long-term reversible cryopreservation we’ve commercialised the procedures for anyone that has the money.

We can freeze anything you like, from the smallest single-cell organism right up to a full grown blue whale, and yes, this process works on humans. After some initial problems we’ve now almost perfected it with little to no adverse side effects.

Our cryo-facility is equipped with its own nuclear power plant for an indefinite lifetime, as well as backup power generation in the form of solar cells and wind. Kate also has a large supply of AA batteries in her desk “just in case”.

If, on the other hand, you have an aversion to the cold, we have a number of promising studies in other life extension techniques, such as organ replacement, xenotransplantation, tissue rejuvenation, cloning, nanotechnology, and even mind uploading.

Needless to say, our co-founders are very interested in these fields of study and one day we hope to use it for very long distance travel.

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