Bio Improvement

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Bio Improvement

At Veritas we’re big fans of organic foods, but we realised that they could be improved. Want your organic tomatoes to have some tobacco in them? No problem! Customers asking for diet fizzy drinks but still want sugar? We can sort that too! Maybe your staff are a little too free-spirited? Try some of our office buffet options and you’ll never have issues again!

We have been at the forefront of genetic engineering since before the term existed and with our patented technologies in molecular cloning and artificial DNA synthesising, plus our research into stem cells, selective breeding, and artificial mutagenesis, we can pretty much do whatever you want, no questions asked.

Some of our current clients have had fairly straightforward requests like making their produce more addictive, or allowing their crop to grow in less than ideal locations, or for the creation, and subsequent resilience, to a specific parasite to ensure theirs are the only crop that is available to purchase in the country.

We’ve also had more interesting requests that naturally we were only too happy to fulfil, such as a strawberry that is poisonous to certain people, barley that has non-trace levels of a patent-pending hallucinogenic drug, orange juice that isn’t suitable for vegetarians, and fruit with unhealthy levels of magnesium. We’re not sure why for that last one either but we’re not here to judge, we’re here to make money, with science.


Founded in 1834, Veritas is a leading bio-research and medicines company that is heavily invested in the future.

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